Massage Techniques
Pregnancy Massage​​

​Techniques used to help new moms relieve aches and relax.

​Facial Massage

Relax during a detoxifying scalp, base, and neck massage. (using warm towels & aromas)

Deep Tissue Massage

Focus on deeper muscle and soft tissue to help reduce pain and stress along with promoting relaxation.

​Foot Massage

We use our Foot Relief cream to massage points along the feet for total relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Long rhythmic strokes applied with pressure of your comfort to relieve tension and stress.

30 Minute Massage          $35.
60 Minute Massage          $60.
90 Minute Massage          $90.

​Chair Massage $15 for 15 min. $30 for 30 min.

Performed fully clothed on a special chair allowing focus on the neck, back, and arms.

​Body Scrub $35 for 30 min.

Our Beautifying or Stress-fix scrub are applied and followed by lotions that are massaged back into the skin.

Body Wrap $65 for 60 min.

Enjoy a body scrub, a seaweed application and aroma of your choice

Complete Transformation $100 for 90 min.

Includes a 60 min. massage, foot soak, warm towel, aroma of choice, & choice of mini facial massage or dry exfoliation.

Can be added on to any regular 30, 60, or 90 minute massage (additional charges)
Mini Facial Massage
Hot Stone

Dry Exfoliation

Massage Therapy

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